Guidelines for Hiring a Cleaning Service in Orillia

So, you’re considering hiring an Orillia house cleaner or a janitorial cleaning service but how do you find the right one for you? Beware of shopping around for the "cheapest" quote or the "best" hourly rate. While a low rate may look great up front, you very likely will not be getting the best value for your investment. Consider the following key areas first when looking into hiring an individual house cleaner or cleaning service in Orillia.


Does the individual or company have a current business license?

If they are unlicensed or not current with their license, you may be responsible for their EI, CPP, and WSIB. You would, essentially, be considered their employer.

Are they registered with, or members of a trade association, such as ARCSI?

Registration or membership in these types of organizations provides an added measure of credibility and confidence to the consumer and demonstrates the company or individual’s commitment to their professionalism in the industry.

Does the cleaning individual or company carry appropriate insurance?

An uninsured or inadequately insured individual or company means you could be responsible for medical expenses if a cleaner is hurt while working in your home. Additionally, your homeowners insurance likely will not cover damages caused to your hardwood floors, granite counter-tops, accidental breakage, etc., from a business-type relationship with an uninsured cleaner or cleaning company.

Is the individual or company bonded?

This serves as protection for you in the event that a theft by a cleaning individual or company employee occurs. It also serves as protection to the cleaning individual or company from possible false claims.

Reputation & Professionalism

Does the individual or company participate in ongoing education within the house cleaning field?

The house cleaning industry is constantly evolving. New products are regularly being developed and introduced and new uses for "old stand-byes" are frequently discovered. Participation in ongoing education keeps cleaning companies abreast of these new developments as well as offering education and support for the internal operations and management of the cleaning business.

Are they members of professional business or community organizations in Orillia?

Participation in Orillia business and organizations demonstrates willingness to "give back" to the city of Orillia and build professional relationships based upon integrity.

These questions and more importantly their responses, will distinguish a true "professional" from a "fly by night" operation. Professionals participate in, and are engaged in, the cleaning business industry; continually striving to provide consumers with the best value for their services.

Safely Unclog Shower Heads with Vinegar

Shower Head

Exposure to tap water makes hard water deposits prevalent on household fixtures. Calcium, magnesium and various minerals in tap water inevitably clog a shower head’s spray holes over time, which prevents proper water pressure and flow. Shower heads clogged with hard water deposits also are unsightly as the crusty white scum is visually unappealing when showering. Regularly cleaning shower heads, however, maintains their efficiency and prevents clogging. You can extract hard water deposits from any clogged shower head using basic supplies.

What you will need:

  • White Vinegar
  • Plastic Bag
  • Rubber Band


  1. Fill a durable plastic bag half full of white vinegar. Do not mix the vinegar with any water.
  2. Submerge the entire shower head in the vinegar-filled bag. Wrap a strong rubber band tightly around the plastic bag’s opening to secure the plastic bag to the shower fixture.
  3. Let the clogged showerhead soak in the vinegar-filled plastic bag overnight.
  4. Unwrap the rubber band and remove the vinegar-filled bag. Using a toothpick, repeatedly poke the shower head’s spray holes to dislodge stubborn deposits.
  5. Run lukewarm water on high through the showerhead for five minutes to blast out any lingering mineral residue.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check fixture in an inconspicuous place before use. Vinegar is a mild acid and can etch certain surfaces
  • You can also remove shower head and soak in a bowl of undiluted vinegar

Echo Professional Cleaning is not responsible for damages resulting from use of this article. Please check manufacturers cleaning instructions for special care instructions

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Hardwood Floor Care Cleaning and Maintenance

Protecting Your Hardwood Floor from Wear
Day-to-Day Care of your Hardwood Floor
Cleaning your Hardwood Floor

Protecting Your Hardwood Floor from Wear

Dirt, grit and sand are your hardwood floor’s worst enemies. They act like sandpaper to the finish, causing dents, scratches and dulling.

Hardwood Flooring

Here are a few recommendations that will protect your hardwood floor from wear, staining and water damage. The care you give your hardwood floors can be as important as your choice of the type of hardwood flooring, finish and the company you choose to install it

Place a bristle mat at all the exterior doors of your home. A quality bristle mat will remove grit and small stones from shoes when people enter your home. This is extremely important, even if your family and guests remove their shoes upon entering. To further protect your hardwood floor from wear, area rugs placed at all entry points are a great investment.

Place area rugs anywhere there is water: in front of the sink, the dishwasher and ice maker. If there’s a sizable spill, check under the rug to see if any liquid has gone through. If it has, take the rug out of the room to dry it out and dry the floor with a mop.

Felt pads placed under all furniture legs provide excellent protection for your hardwood floor. Check the felt pads for grit every time you sweep or clean your hardwood floors. Lift furniture instead of sliding it, even if it slides well with the felt pads.

If you must slide furniture or appliances, place remnants of carpet or linoleum under the item before moving it. Pieces of 1/8” masonite work extremely well under furniture and appliances when moving. Be sure you watch movers and furniture delivery men to be sure they provide protection for your hardwood floor when sliding furniture or appliances into place.

With a little care, your hardwood floor finish can retain it’s shine and luster for many years.

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Day-to-Day Care of your Hardwood Floor

Select a broom with fine soft bristles and an ‘exploded’ end. These trap dust and grit very effectively. A high power vacuum cleaner with a soft ‘bare floor’ attachment usually works even better than a broom.

You can also use a dust mop. Select a dust mop with a 12" to 18" cotton head and a special dust mop attachment.When using a ‘dust magnet’ treatment, be sure to spray it on at least twelve hours before you dust. This will make certain the chemicals from the spray have dried completely and are no longer off-gassing heavily.

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Cleaning your Hardwood Floor

When cleaning your hardwood flooring, do not use Swiffer or any of the competitive wet disposable cloths. The liquid soap used in these products can damage most hardwood floors. Prefinished hardwood floors are particularly vulnerable to the soap in wet cloths because of the unsealed seams between the boards, but the finishes of some site finished hardwood floors can also be damaged.

Many hardwood floor owners have been advised by parents and grandparents to use a good oil soap on their floors, like Murphy’s. While these oils may have worked well in touching up a wax finished floor of yesteryear, modern hardwood floor finishes generally do not absorb the oil. Residue builds up with each application, attracts dirt and grime and gradually dulls the appearance of the hardwood floor.

Always use a neutral pH cleaner specifically designed for hardwood floor finishes. Damp mopping with a hardwood floor cleaner is the fastest and best way to deep-clean your hardwood floor. If your hardwood flooring gets a lot of traffic you may need to damp mop as often as every week. Wet your mop and wring it so that it’s about half-dry. Wet the floor with your mop with the cleaner/water mixture. Dip the mop in clean water and wring it as dry as possible. Mop over the floor with the clean nearly-dry mop to remove as much water as possible.

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Many thanks to Integrity Hardwood Floors for graciously allowing us to use their article.

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How do I choose a cleaning company?

Choose the right cleaner for you!

Policies and Procedures Document

When choosing a cleaning company for the first time, or hiring a new company, it is important to first read through the company’s
Policies & Procedures. This document will generally give you an idea of what you can expect when you hire a professional cleaning company.


Some cleaning companies will charge a flat rate, while some charge per square foot, while others will charge by the hour based on the number of cleaners
required to clean your home/business efficiently. Find out how you will be billed to avoid surprises

Many cleaning companies will have reduced rates for families or businesses that require frequent cleaning but may also have a "First clean"
rate that is generally higher due to the amount of work and time generally required to clean a home professionally for the first time.

Each cleaning company will differ on the services they will or will not perform and some may have different prices that they associate with different services. It is important that you
and your preferred cleaning company talk about and get in writing exactly what services will be performed and at what rate. It is not uncommon for
heavy cleaning like stoves, fridges etc. to be performed on a monthly or quarterly basis. Often, these services will be billed at a higher rate than your regular services


Always check a company’s references by phone or email. Do not rely solely on testimonials online.
Any reputable company should be able to provide you with at least two references that you can call

Hopefully, some of this information will help you choose your cleaning company wisely. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer it

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